Konsole RPMs with Tab Cloning (KDE pre-4.9.0 git snapshot)

UPDATE (2012-06-13): updated konsole 4.9 beta RPMs are now available at kde-redhat's unstable repo.

If you regularly use SSH and Konsole, you may have noticed a missing "feature" after updating to KDE 4.8.0 (released on January 25, 2012): new tabs now always use the default profile instead of "cloning" the profile of the active tab. I mean, in pre-KDE-4.8 Konsole, you could run ssh://user@host:port in Krunner (that's the Alt+F2 menu), or konsole -e ssh -p port user@host, or even kioclient exec ssh://user@host:port and pressing Ctrl+Shift+T would open a new SSH tab. Add public key authentication and/or SSH connection multiplexing, and you got an automagically logged in remote session on each new tab for free!

I really missed this, so I submitted this bug report (with a couple of quick and dirty patches).

Turns out this feature was actually more like a "bug". In fact, the executed command was "remembered" by the current active Konsole profile. That's cool with SSH, but could lead to some nasty side effects, such as re-running a shell script for each new tab. Several bug reports showed this was really confusing and counterintuitive. In fact, this bug report is exactly the opposite of mine!

A proper fix has already been commited for KDE 4.9, which is scheduled for release on August 2012. But that's too much time lost just logging in again and again! (Ok, I could use SSHMenu or Remmina, but I love my konsoles :-D). So I set up a Yum repo with Konsole RPMs based on the excellent packages by the KDE Packaging Project for Fedora/RHEL and a snapshot of sources from Konsole's main git repo.

DISCLAIMER: This Konsole version includes tab cloning... but may also carry countless creepy horrible bugs and kitten-killing diseases!!!

  1. Install the kde-redhat Yum repo
  2. Download and install the .repo file into /etc/yum.repos.d/:

    # wget http://www.maxiberta.com.ar/repo/fedora-kde4.9.repo
    # mv fedora-kde4.9.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/

  3. You may need to enable the testing repos from both kde-redhat and konsole
  4. Install/update the bleeding edge version of Konsole:

    # yum install konsole

  5. Optionally associate a keyboard shortcut with the new "File -> Clone Tab" menu entry
  6. Enjoy all your free time saved from logging in through SSH again and again!